July 23, 2010

Herbert/I Know

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

''Bodily Functions''Mathew Herbert(K7-2001) <From Amazon.co.uk> adioboy. Doctor Rockit. Wishmountain. UK producer Mathew Herbert is nothing if not multi-faceted, once again braving the dance music category police with Bodily Functions, a breathtaking album that takes the concept of his PCCOM manifesto a step beyond 1998s Around The House. PCCOM, or the Personal Contract for the Composition of Music, is a self-penned 10 Commandments that bars the use of sampling other people's music or the use of keyboard presets in favour of the utilisation of found sounds alongside more traditional instrumentation. As the title hints, much of the album is built around audio culled from both friends and strangers, in practice this includes percussion created from the contents of vocalist Dani Siciliano's bag right through to the use of Matmos' medical exploratory microphone to record, amongst other things, the circulation of Martin Schmidt and the laser-eye surgery of an unknown accomplice. Thankfully, those of a squeamish dispossession need not tune out, as these sounds are assimilated into some seriously accomplished grooves that range from the boogie-down beats of "Foreign Bodies", shuffling house of "Suddenly" to the more traditional song structure of "I Know" and "You Saw It All". This is competent, confident and, most importantly, listenable stuff. --Kingsley Marshall

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