August 31, 2010


By Staff in Categories: LASIK

The Rhein Banji The Double-Ended Spatula (Product Number 8-16142) Has Two Unique Tip Designs On Each End For Elevating & Repositioning The Flap During Primary & Enhancement LASIK Surgery. One Spatula Tip Has A 7.5 Degree Curvature To Match The Normal Corneal Profile, Making It Ideal For Slipping Underneath The Corneal Flap Without Enfolding The Flap During Primary LASIK. This Tip Can Also Be Used To Perform The Striae Test. The Other Spatula End Is Designed For Epithelial Removal & Ease Of Entry For Fitting Underneath The Flap For Enhancement LASIK. The Flatter Curvature Facilitates Dissection Under The Flap, And Can Also Be Used For Repositioning The Flap During Primary LASIK Surgery. The Marker (Product Number 8-16143) Has One Radial Blade & Two Pararadial Blades To Insure Exact Repositioning Of The Flap Or Cap. The Center Has Cross Hairs For Exact Alignment To The Center Of The Optical Zone

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