March 05, 2010

Amazing Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser eye surgery is a modern miracle for many. Thanks to this advancement in vision correction there are so many people who now have perfect eyesight and have been able to throw away their glasses and contact lenses and live a more carefree life.
It's amazing to think of how far laser eye surgery has come since it's beginning over 4 decades ago. Lasers can now accurately change the shape of the cornea to correct the focus and help you see more clearly.
LASIK eye surgery results can be amazing, but it is still surgery and there are risks involved and potential complications so you should take the time to learn all you can about LASIK before opting for the procedure. Even so, laser eye surgery has become more important year after year and with technological advancements there are now several types of LASIK that can be utilized to correct your vision. Many people feel that the potential benefits of laser vision correction far outweigh any possible complications.
As a patient you'll find that LASIK is not painful, but it can be uncomfortable and even frightening for some. This is because you are kept awake during the procedure and your eyes are held open artificially. You will need to continue to stare into the buzzing laser and this can frighten some patients.
In the past the initial flap in the cornea was created using a metal scapel, but that has changed as well with the introduction of IntraLase and now the entire eye surgery can be done just with lasers. This is a comfort to many who were really freaked out by the sight of the metal blade coming towards their eye. IntraLase is also much more precise that the older bladed cutting method, which helps to cut down on complications.
After creating a flap in the cornea the LASIK laser is used to reshape the cornea and improve the focus of the eye. It has been compared to adjusting the focus on your camera lens. Reshaping the cornea helps it to focus light properly and thus improves the vision, often dramatically.
It's best to consult with an eye surgery clinic or physician to discuss the laser eye surgery procedure further and see what your options are. They will be able to advise you if you qualify for LASIK and will be able to give you costs and financing options. Trust me, it's a great feeling on the day you no longer need to wear contacts or glasses.

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