August 17, 2010

Better Eyesight Magazine Original Pages

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Better Eyesight Magazine - Photo Copies of Ophthalmologist William H. Bates Original Magazine Pages: Every year, month, page: 11 Years July 1919 to June 1930. Adobe PDF E-Book, in original print. Full bookmarks for every year, month, article. Eyecharts placed at the end of the book. Download and read the free text version (Better Eyesight Magazine with 500 pictures & 7 free books) with this original book to learn the new correct way a few of the old methods in the original magazines are practiced. They must be practiced correct to maintain healthy eyes, clear vision. Dr. Bates discovered the natural principals, true function of the eyes (Visual System) and applied relaxation, natural methods to return the eyes, eye muscles, nerves, mind/brain, body to normal function with clear vision, healthy eyes. The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. The magazine, stories, articles describe how Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman/Bates, other Doctors, School Teachers, Bates Method Students/Teachers, Children and Parents used Natural Treatments to prevent, remove, many different eye problems without use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs; unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, conical cornea, cornea scars, wandering and crossed eyes (squint) and other conditions. Hundreds of Natural Treatments are listed. Dr. Bates used surgery only when necessary. This book consists of articles that are interesting, positive, fun to read. 'True Life Stories' of the doctors ...

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