April 23, 2010

California lasik surgery Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure – Extre

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www.californialasiksurgery.org The most commonly used refractive surgery procedure is the lasik eye surgery procedure and this is a very popular form of surgery that has the advantage of being less painful and resulting in a 20/20 vision in most cases, usually on the very next day. The basic lasik eye surgery procedure involves an instrument which is known as a microkeratome which is used in the surgery to create a thin and round flap in the cornea. The surgeon will take the flap and fold it back so that it is not in the way and then takes away some corneal tissue that is underneath with the help of an excimer laser which uses cool ultraviolet light beams to exactly remove very small bits of tissue from the cornea in order to reform it. Once the cornea is reformed into the correct shape it will work in an improved manner and focuses light into the eye as also onto the retina thereby getting the person to see clearly which will be better than what it was before the lasik eye surgery procedure. Afterwards, the flap is replaced back in place and covers the area where the corneal tissue had been removed.lasik eye centerlasik laser eye surgerycorrective laser ey

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