March 18, 2010

Can Lasik ( or, “Laser”) eye surgery cause blindness?

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info Here's an interesting question that I would like to answer, "can Lasik eye surgery cause blindness? My studies revealed that Laser surgery does not cause blindness. From the research I have done on the Internet, at the extreme, eye blindness could occur in patients who have thin corneas. It is said that only 10% of Americans have thin corneas. I did see a recent video on Youtube where a Lasik specialist said that there is no way that the actual Laser can cause blindness. Here's some good news, according to the FDA, there have been no cases of blindness reported due to LASIK surgery. There have been some incidences where poor screening by surgeons led to disastrous results for patients though. As I have searched on the Internet, I have yet to find a case where blindness has been reported, directly related to someones Lasik eye surgery. One website I visited put it this way, Fact: No cases of blindness as a result of LASIK have ever been reported in the United States. LASIK eye complications are rare; the risk of going blind from LASIK is actually comparable to the risk of blindness from glasses or contacts! I hope that this information proves to be helpful in answering your question about Lasik eye surgery. I was happy to descover that there have been no reported cases of Laser eye surgery causing anyone to go blind. http

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