June 06, 2010

Cataract..{A Complimentary from Rushabh Eye Hospital,India}

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

Cataract: What is Cataract? - In the Normal Eye, the lens is clear & transparent, -which focuses light on the retina -To produce sharp image & clear picture. Symptoms of Cataract? -Cataract is the clouding of this lens in the eye. -This results in blurring of vision. -Colors appears dull or faded -Poor night vision The only treatment currently available is Surgery Phacoemulsification: -Here the cataract is removed through a 2.8 mm incision -This procedure doesnt require any sutures. - And new foldable lens is implanted. -Healing and Visual Recovery is faster -Chances of wound infection are minimized -Surgery restores vision in a weeks time

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