August 29, 2010

Cataract Surgery Animate -{Complimentary from Rushabh eye Hospital,India}

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

Cataract surgery is a microscopic surgery usually performed under local anaesthesia. The cloudy lens is removed leaving its capsule behind, within which a permanent intraocular lens is implanted. The refractive power of the implanted lens is calculated so that there is a minimal need for post-operative spectacle prescription. However, glasses will be required for near work. After cataract surgery, one may return almost immediately to all but the most strenuous activities. Medication must be administered as per the instructions of the surgeon. Your surgeon will tell you when you may return to work. Conventional cataract surgery, which involves removal of the lens in one piece, results in an incision size of 10-12 mm and closure of this large incision with multiple stitches. This has been replaced with the modern technique of cataract removal [phacoemulsification].

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