March 15, 2010

Costs in Laser Eye Surgery

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Basically, the cost of laser eye surgery can vary widely depending on the area of the country in which LASIK is performed, the level of experience a surgeon possesses, the technology used during the surgery, and the degree of your refractive error. Your LASIK eye surgery price can range anywhere from $499 per eye to $2,500 per eye.Some of the people make options when payment like 50% of the payment to be made initially, at the time of surgery and the remaining 50% can be paid over one year, with no interest. There are credit financing plans which allow payments to be made over three, six or twelve months respectively, without interest.The cost of LASIK eye surgery may or may not include any of the following: * Royalties owed to laser manufacturers. * Purchase and maintenance of surgical and technical equipment. * Surgical gowns, gloves, masks, and other sterile and disposable materials. * Medications used before, during, and after surgery, including anesthesia, eye  drops, and oral pain medications. * Rent for surgical and office facilities. * Surgical and office staff salaries. * Advertising fees. * Pre- and post-operative evaluations for up to one year after surgery. * Post-surgical enhancement, if needed.There are several factory the caused the eye surgery cost increaces. First at all is the type of technology that used when operation. LASIK with IntraLase®, which uses a laser rather than a microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap, costs between $250 and $500 more per eye. Custom LASIK, which employs wavefront technology to map the patient's cornea, can cost between $200 and $500 more per eye. But the patient should make some research regarding the technology that suitable for him.If you are considering Lasik eye surgery it is important to remember to prioritize the safety of your eyes over the potential cost. Although minimal, there is a risk involved with undergoing any surgery. It is advisable to choose a reputable eye surgeon who's done at least 1000 successful Lasik eye surgeries, even if it might cost more, to minimize the risk of complications occurring.

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