July 07, 2010

Crystal Lens Implant

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

Crystal LensTM C&C Vision - was invented by a British eye surgeon who went across the Atlantic (Stuart Cummings). This device actually moves in the eye and provides accommodative power just like we have in our early years. Surgeons have to be obsessive about lens calculation as well the operative procedure to ensure the device works properly. The device does work and is the first of its kind to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Restoring the power of accommodation takes time in some patients (up to 3 months) and requires practice to ensure muscles not used for decades start functioning again. The level of satisfaction among patients after this procedure is outstanding. 1CU LensTM - Human Optics - this is another accommodative implant made by a company in Germany. Data looks encouraging and again similar aspects with regards to attention to detail and practice by patients apply. For more information on Laser Eye Surgery & more videos please visit www.lasik-eyes.co.uk

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