August 28, 2010

Diabetic Retinopathy….{A Complimentary from Rushabh Eye Hospital,India}

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

Diabetic Retinopathy How do we see the world? - In the Normal Eye, the lens is clear & transparent, -which focuses light on the retina -To produce sharp image & clear picture What happens in Diabetic Retinopathy? -due to diabetes the blood vessels in the retina develops tiny leaks -then retina becomes wet and swollen -leading to hazy vision I n Diabetic Retinopathy, the blood vessels of the retina become abnormal -Photo file 1 -Photo file 2 Some cases may develop wrinkling and detachment in retina How is DR diagnosed? Proper Eye Examination with help of -OCT Machine -Angiography Machine Treatment Available: - Laser Surgery

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