June 17, 2010

Dr. Arhtur Benjamins undergoing Lasik surgery at Benjamin Eye Institute

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There are five different excimer lasers that have been FDA approved. Below we discuss the top three that are in general widespread use: - Wavelight Allegretto - VISX Star S4 - Alcon LADARVISION 4000 Dr. Benjamin is certified in the use of all three lasers mentioned above. These three lasers employ the same excimer laser technology as one another but use different algorithms. In other words, how the beam is delivered to the cornea is different. A patient may be better suited for a particular laser depending on one's unique prescription and visual needs. Dr. Benjamin will help you make this decision before your surgery day. Laser selection when deciding whether or not to have LASIK performed is an often overlooked portion of the decision-making process. Often times, this is because an individual Laser center or Ophthalmologist's office has purchased a single brand of laser. Although that laser may be a functional one for patients with Myopia and slight Astigmatism, it may not be appropriate for patients with Hyperopia, or strong astigmatism. To this end, the Benjamin Eye Institute has its own Laser Center, where several different types of lasers are available. This allows Dr. Benjamin to choose the laser that is best suited to each individual patient, rather that attempting a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

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