July 29, 2010

Dr. Dello Russo talk about Down-Up LASIK surgery (short)

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Dello Russo Laser Vision is proud to have pioneered the Down-Up LASIK™ laser eye surgery system of all-laser LASIK. Surgeon Dr. Joseph Dello Russo further improved upon the all-laser LASIK procedure with the introduction of his down-up technique at his Manhattan and Brooklyn offices. During the Custom Cornea procedure, the laser cuts a circular flap in the outer tissue of the cornea, leaving a small hinge at the top of the eye (rather than on the side, as was done previously). The flap can then be lifted up from the bottom, thus the name: down-up. The Down-Up LASIK™ method allows the flap to close in a natural position after surgery, where it bonds with the cornea and is kept in place by the blinking action of the eye.Dr. Joseph Dello Russo's method for corneal flap creation is safer and more comfortable than previous methods used and allows for a faster post-operative recovery.

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