September 05, 2010

EVGA X58 Motherboard USB BIOS Flash Tutorial (I show myself finally)

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

If you're tired of burning through CDs and DVDs in order to flash your EVGA X58 motherboard, then this tutorial is for you. I'll also show the full methods I use during a BIOS flash, as well as a quick run through my 24/7 4.0GHz BIOS settings. All relevant files are available as we speak on in the Newest Drivers/Downloads section: Hope to see you in the forums, while you're there! Lastly, if you're considering Lasik, but don't know who to call or how to find out who your local doctors are, Main Lasik is the place to go. Always superb ads there, so check those out as well! Special thanks to YouTube member and all-around good guy "adevilmaycry" for AWDTurboFlash.

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