March 25, 2010

ilasik Procedure – The Real Story – Laser Eye Surgery

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info - If you've been researching LASIK, chances are the 5000+ brands of LASIK — and the dizzying array of technologies and clinical outcomes — have left you more blurry-eyed than usual. http The ilasik™ procedure changes that. Combining the industry's most advanced LASIK technologies into one premium brand, the ilasik procedure comprises more than $4 billion and a decade in research, development and technology acquisition. The ilasik procedure is 100% custom-fitted for you and your eyes, offering outstanding safety through reduced flap complications and better visual outcomes. Great news! NASA has now approved Perfect Vision Laser Correction's ilasik technology for use on their Astronauts. While LASIK has been in use for almost a decade, it wasn't until it advanced to become an ultra-precise, all-laser procedure that NASA approved it.

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