August 21, 2010

IntraLase IntraLASIK iLASIK bladeless all-laser LASIK

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The latest LASIK industry hype is all-laser LASIK, which involves cutting the flap with a femtosecond laser instead of a blade. Eliminating the use of a blade on your eye sounds like a good thing intially, but wait until you read about the problems, risks, and complications of this technology. The LASIK industry markets this technology uder a variety of names and descriptions. Here are a few: IntraLase, IntraLASIK, femtosecond LASIK, blade-free LASIK, all-laser LASIK, bladeless LASIK, and iLASIK when combined with VISX custom LASIK. Some of the reported complications of femtosecond lasers are opaque bubble layer, corrugated corneal stromal bed, extreme light sensitivity, partial flaps, rainbow glare, torn flap, vertical gas breakthrough, epithelial ingrowth, flap necrosis, diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK), corneal perforation, incomplete flap, decentered flaps, small flaps, slipped flaps, flap folds, traumatic flap dislocation, gas bubbles in the anterior chamber, optic nerve damage, flap tears, haze, macular hemorrhage, infection, stromal cell necrosis, inflammation, keratocyte cell death, corneal nerve damage, goblet cell reduction, and interface particles. Read more about the side effects, risks, complications, and problems of bladeless LASIK at

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