September 08, 2010

IOL Exchange: Acrysof for Crystalens

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

This 69 year old man has previously undergone hyperopic lasik, followed by cataract surgery, followed by hyperopic lasik again, in attaempt to achieve his original goal of spectacle independence. He was still unhappy with bot hte quality of his vision and had been told at the time of his cataract surgery in 2006 that presbyopic correction did not exist. This is an acrysoft wave front IOL, implanted in an eye with already significant negative spherical aberration. I am going to explant this and replace it with a non wavefront accomodating IOL. The edge of the capsule is teased off of the optic with a fine tipped sinskey hook, followed by viscodissetion with the Chang Hydrodissection cannula.

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