May 06, 2010

Is LASIK right for me? Informative video of the procedure

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

Don't be scared of this video. It's a short informative video about the LASIK procedure with lots of info built right in for you. Includes the actual surgery by Dr. Matzkin of Atlanta Eye Care. Great results, btw. 20/15 and no complications. Update: It's been almost a year with no worries. Even with the occasional rubbing of the eyes after a month or so, the flaps have healed. Will update with my year checkup when I have it in August 2007. (This video is one of the top rated LASIK vids. Rate me!) One year checkup shows no problems. Better than 20/20. The optometrist said their equipment can't get more detailed than that. Let's just say that I can make out details of people walking at about a mile away... one eye is just a hair more astute than the other. Some negative comments regarding the procedure in general I will leave posted because I feel that anyone getting this done should do as much research as possible and make up your own mind. Remember, you sign a paper saying you trust the doc to not blind you and won't sue... do don't just sign without research first. Knowledge is power, power is responsibility, and yes, LASIK turns you into Spider-Man.

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