September 07, 2010


By Staff in Categories: LASIK

A video of my LASEK procedure expertly performed at Park Avenue Laser Vision in NYC by Dr. Emil Chynn. A-MAZ-ING. I was a blurry 20/30 IMMEDIATELY after the surgery and a blurry 20/20 the day after. I wish I had this done this earlier! (But only by Dr. Chynn!) Very helpful staff, clear directions for pre and post op and a smooth process all around. For me it was important that Dr. believe in the procedure that he was performing. Dr. Chynn was the first doctor in NY to have a laser corrective (LASIK) procedure performed on himself. That gave me a huge level of comfort from the beginning because many Doctors who perform LASIK and LASEK still wear corrective lenses. And when you really think about that...what is that really saying? Dr. Chynn has since performed over 9000 procedures with no lawsuits or settlements. If you are interested in the procedure you can vist their informative website at or send an email to for additional information.

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