May 20, 2010

Laser Blended Vision Treatment for Presbyopia by Professor Dan Reinstein

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

A technical description of the safest and most effective method of surgically correcting presbyopia or ageing eyes. Intraocular multifocal lenses compromise the quality of vision in exchange for seeing at different distances. Monovision is only tolerated by some patients and involves giving very poor distance vision in the eye set for reading. Laser Blended Vision as developed by Professor Dan Reinstein and co-workers at the London Vision Clinic and Carl Zeiss Meditec provides continuous vision from near to intermediate and far without compromising contrast sensitivity or night vision and can be used in patients with hyperopia (long-sighted), myopia (short-sighted) or astigmatism. Laser Blended VIsion using the Visumax femtosecond laser and the MEL80 excimer laser has probably the lowest complication rate of any surgical intervention for presbyopia.

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