March 17, 2010

Laser Eye Surgery Could Improve Your Sporting Life

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If you wear glasses, the chances are that sporting interactions in your daily life can be troublesome. Whether you play football in your local league or you're an avid rugby watcher, it's possible that your less than perfect vision may impede your ability to appreciate the finer moments in sports games. Even if you wear contact lenses when playing sports, problems can persist: your eyes could get dry and itchy at the crucial stages of a match, costing you or your team a much needed victory. Or you might lose a lens during play and have to spend hours searching for it among the grass or mud. If you feel that these restrictions are a significant factor in lowering your quality of life, it might be time to think about laser eye surgery. In the past, people may have considered such surgery a dramatic option to take towards optical improvement. However, with millions of successful LASIK or LASEK procedures being performed around the world, many are coming to realise that laser eye surgery is within reach and could have an impressive effect on your eyesight - something that could be invaluable if you enjoy an active sporting lifestyle. For instance, if you're planning a career in sports commentary or sports reporting, having great eyesight is likely to be crucial to the accuracy of your match reports. Whether you're a recent graduate hoping to enter this field or you're in your mid-40s and pondering a career change, considering having surgery on your eyes could have tremendously beneficial effects on your employability. What's more, if you're a keen golfer or tennis player with professional potential, but hampered vision means that you have to wear glasses or contact lenses, it's possible that from having surgery you could help improve your game. And it's not just mainstream sports players or enthusiasts that could benefit from laser eye treatments either. Competitive cyclists, for example, could perform much better if they're better able to see that upcoming bend in the track from further ahead. Furthermore, if you've always been keen to try archery, shooting or any other sport that requires good aim - but you've been held back by poor sight - from having surgery on the eyes you could make those dreams a reality. While laser eye surgery offers clear benefits to sports players, reporters and general enthusiasts, it's also important to be mindful of the potential drawbacks. Before making a decision to undergo the operation, make sure you seek professional advice from an optician; if you're still unsure, a second opinion might be the best thing to set your mind at ease. Indeed, the experts will be able to offer you detailed advice on the best treatments, leading clinics in your area and, crucially, ascertain whether your eyes are compatible with the procedure. Once you've got all the information you need, you can go into your laser eye surgery operation with the peace of mind of knowing that, when you come out, your sporting life will be that much more enjoyable.

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