March 07, 2010

Laser – Eye Surgery – lasik

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bladeless lasik eye surgery performed by Dr. Swati Singh at Laservue eye center in San Francisco compare the video of this new intralase tecnology for flap creation to the other videos on this site. this way is much safer and (only) about $400 more per eye. -Flap is made with new intralase technology. microscopic bubbles created at a certain depth into the cornea which is then easily pealed back. -Then the flap is flipped back and cleaned. -Next comes the laser correction followed by another cleaning and the flap is flipped back on. -Healing process begins imediately. patient: Evan Roth age: 20 Laser: VISX STAR S4 (Dr. Swati Singh has performed over 10000 surgeries since her board certification in 1999. give them a call and tell them Sean sent you... haha) 707-522-6200 800-527-3745 (low quality video because it was filmed with my digital camera)

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