March 01, 2010

Laser Eye Surgery Provides Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

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There are many renowned as well as diverse laser eye surgery clinics that offer the best available treatments at the most affordable prices and also achieve high quality clinical excellence. Laser eye surgery could cost approximately $1000 and the quick and simple procedure offers freedom from blurred and incorrect vision and provides an alternative to wearing glasses as well as contact lenses.
Laser eye surgery is not like other operations in that it is only performed on people with healthy eyes in order to cure eye diseases. There are different laser eye surgeries such as lasik, epi-lasik, wavefront lasik/epi-lasik, and femtosecond lasik or the new state of the art all laser lasik.
Lasik, Epi-lasik, and Wavefront Surgeries
Lasik is used in correcting a broad spectrum of prescriptions and is most suited for the correction of mild to severe short sight, mild and long sight as well as astigmatism where the patient would generally recover in a day's time. Epi-lasik is not as invasive as lasik and can be used to correct mild to moderate short sight as well as astigmatism.
Wavefront lasik/epi-lasik is a treatment that can be customized and is designed to correct unusually shaped eyes as well as cases of unsatisfactory results from using lasik or epi-lasik treatments and is greatly instrumental in improving night vision. When the patient is undergoing laser eye surgery the surgeon most often uses a device known as the Excimer Laser which helps to shape the patient's cornea forever.
In PRK, the surgeon utilizes a laser beam that is guided with the help of a computer to vaporize small amounts of tissue that is present on the surface of the cornea. Using PRK helps in removing the right amount of tissue and reforms the cornea to enable corrected vision and the healing process may last a week or so.
Laser eye surgery is usually performed by very experienced as well as highly trained specialists and the results vary from satisfactory to excellent. In many cases the patient finds his or her life vastly improved as a result of such treatment since they may not have to use prescription glasses or contact lenses after the surgery. However, the patient should have realistic expectations before the eye surgery is performed and for those who are above 40, they should know that it may still be necessary for them to use reading glasses, even after the surgery.

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