March 11, 2010

Laser Eye Surgery – Seeing Is Believing!

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Laser eye surgery… have you been considering "taking the plunge" but are not sure where to start? The technological advancements in eye surgery techniques in recent years have been quite stunning with several options available to prospective patients.

The different levels of procedures available are something you need to understand and discuss with your surgeon. In this article, we will discuss the different types of laser eye surgery procedures; some of which you may want to consider depending on your level of requirement.

Did You Know?

While lasik has become a "buzz" word in eye surgery circles, it is not the only type of eye vision surgery available. In fact, patients have any number of options available to them and should perform necessary due diligence, with input from an eye surgery specialist, before choosing their designated procedure.

Lasik Eye Surgery Variations

There are several variations in Lasik eye treatment. Let's examine some of them:

Custom Lasik… is also referred to as wavefront lasik and basically involves the measurement of a person's ability to focus and process images. If irregularities exist, then treatment is devised around the findings produced and will involve the re shaping of the eye's corneal surface. Relatively new, this type of procedure has been embraced as a real breakthrough by most surgeons with the ability to provide patients with better overall vision quality – moreso than what was available to them in the past.

Bladeless Lasik… known as intralase which is a relatively new technique relying on laser energy rather than the use of a cutting instrument ( microkeratome ). Without going into great detail about how the procedure works, intralase has been a boon for patients once regarded as non-lasik friendly, in other words, patients with thin corneas considered unsuitable for lasik treatment; to be be considered as candidates for treatment. The downside is the obvious likelihood of increased cost but again, it's all relative to a patient's requirement.

Epi-Lasik… is considered a cross between lasik and lasek. Lasik involves the cutting of a flap in the cornea while lasek will involve cutting a thin sheet on the corneas outer layer. This procedure certainly isn't suitable for everyone who needs eye surgery and the one downside revolves around the longer recovery time. However, people with thin corneas are generally good candidates and your consulting surgeon's opinion will have a lot of bearing on whether you decide to go ahead with this type of procedure.

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)... formerly the "grand daddy" of laser eye surgery but with the advent of lasik, it has taken a bit of a back seat. However, it still has it's place in the laser eye surgery landscape and again, is most suitable for patients with thin corneas. PRK is an extremely short eye procedure and while many patients have been able to resume normal work duties a day after surgery, it's best to follow your doctor's recommendations.

Lasek… another fairly new procedure and a great option for people with thin corneas or corneas that would not normally be suitable to undergo lasik treatment. A finer blade is used to cut the outer layer of the cornea as opposed to the thicker lasik blade and complications are less likely.

What Lasik Procedure Are You Considering?

This is not a decision you can make on your own quite obviously and you'll need to be guided by your doctor. Always ask why and get a satisfactory explanation why a particular laser eye procedure is favoured over another. The risk of complication is very minimal with eye surgery today however, risk is still there of complications setting in.

You will need to follow your surgeon's instructions "to the letter" following surgery as this is the critical healing time for your corneas. If you are required to use eye drops or medications, use them and keep any impending appointments following your procedure.

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