July 28, 2010

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laservuereviews.com | LaserVue Eye Center Reviews REWARDING EXPERIENCE!!! The entire staff was very professional and friendly at LaserVue Eye Center. The examinations were not rushed and very calm. It was a rewarding experience. HAPPY!!! For years I was terrified at the thought of LASIK surgery. Then a friend of mine had her vision corrected at LaserVue Eye Center, and encouraged me to look into it. The moment I walked into LaserVue Eye Center, I began to have hope that my vision and astigmatism could be corrected. The entire staff was so encouraging and professional. My husband and I got to watch a LASIK procedure before my surgery, and Dr. Bansal patiently answered all of our questions. The surgery was brief, painless, and I am happy to report my vision is now 20 I am grateful to Dr. Bansal and his staff, and would recommend LaserVue Eye Center to anyone interested in high quality LASIK eye surgery. Thrilled!!! I had one of the worst astigmatism cases and for years my eyes were not even considered correctable with laser surgery until I visited Dr. Bansal at LaserVue and to my amazement, he told me I was a candidate. His warm and kind advice convinced me to have the surgery even though I was very apprehensive about how the results would turn out. Within 24 hours, I was seeing 100% better and much better than any of my expectations. Dr. Bansal and his staff have been so professional and courteous. The surgery was painless and within a couple of weeks, I was so thrilled ...

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