May 01, 2010

LASIK Eye Surgery, CustomVue Wavefront-guided LASIK

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My surgery, the following is from Dr. Berg's website on how LASIK is performed. Step 1 First the surgeon applies a few numbing eye-drops to the eye prior to the procedure, and the surgeon marks the cornea with water-soluble ink to guide replacement of the flap. Step 2 A thin corneal flap is created using an instrument called a microkeratome. This part of the procedure is called keratectomy and makes a "flap" in the corneal tissue on the central part of the eye, which is gently folded back, exposing the underlying layers of the cornea. This flap can also be created with the use of the Intralase laser. Step 3 The surgeon then uses the excimer laser to apply a cool beam of light to gently even out the curvature of the cornea this is done with CustomVue Wavefront guided technology. The protective corneal flap is then gently placed back in its original position and begins healing immediately. Step 4 After the flap is gently laid back, a few moisturizing drops are applied to soothe your eye and speed recovery. The cross-section view of the cornea shows the reduced (flatter) corneal curvature (exaggerated for clarity).

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