March 02, 2010

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects

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For people with myopic eyesight, the mere prospect of having a perfect vision is certainly a dream come true. People with short sightedness problems would have probably at some time or other wondered about the benefits of having a lasik laser eye surgery to correct their vision.
Since the advent of lasik laser eye surgery, this dream is now a reality for millions of people all over the developed world. This article raises some dangers and side effects of this surgical procedure.
In the original version of the laser eye surgical procedure, the PRK, which is an acronym for photorefractive keratectomy, involves the complete removal of the cornea's outer layer to operate underneath it and later let it to grow back on its own.
However, with the lasik surgical procedure or laser in situ keratomileusis, eye surgeons can now peel back the cornea surface to operate underneath it and then return the cornea to its original position.
Now, the bad news about the surgery is that there can be some side effects and complications just like in any other surgeries. Some people who have had lasik eye surgery done have found that not only did their vision had not improved, but are seriously damaged by the eye surgery.
The surgery permanently changes the physiology and optics of the eyes. Therefore potential eye surgery patients should always be aware of the risk-benefit ratio and whether is it worth to risk the dangers and side effects to the eyes. The benefits are that you can do away with glasses or contact lenses, probably permanently. However, the risk of permanent damage to your vision can be palpable and alarming.
In a 'Review of Optometry' report, up to one in six patients who undergo lasik laser eye surgery end up with complications and side effects. This ratio is indeed alarming.
Complications and side effects arising from the lasik eye surgery include distortion of vision, such as irregular astigmatism, which cannot be corrected by eye glasses. Others experienced deterioration in the quality of their vision or very bad dry-eye side effects. Some very unfortunate patients have reported having double vision or even triple vision arising from a lasik laser eye surgery.
For patients who do not suffer any side effects, it is certainly an undoubted positive life changing experience. For example, Richard Branson of the Virgin fame or notoriety, is a huge fan of lasik laser eye surgery as the surgery has transformed him from being 'blind as a bat' to having an almost perfect vision. Till this day, he is still gushing praises on lasik laser eye surgery.
However, on the other hand, Margaret Dolan from Ireland is a victim of the surgical procedure went wrong. After her surgery, her eyes developed a complication known as Post-Lasik Dry Eye.
Margaret Dolan needs to add artificial tears to her eyes many times a day and throughout the night just to keep the eyes moist. Patients who suffer from this dry eye syndrome usually have the symptoms for about two to three months after their surgeries and then the symptoms will disappear.
However, for some very unfortunate people, their conditions do not improve with time and they need to drop artificial tears on their eyes for the rest of their lives. This can be very frustrating and distressing for the unfortunate victims.
So if you are considering a lasik laser eye surgery, do discuss the possible risks and complications that may arise from of the surgical procedure thoroughly with your eye surgeon and get as much information as you can before you reach a decision.

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