April 15, 2010

LASIK Surgery on a Nystagmus Patient

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On Thursday, Dec 10, I put my sight on the line and underwent LASIK eye surgery at Will Vision and Laser Centers in Vancouver, Washington. Dr. Brian R. Will has extensive experience in the field, and felt confident we could achieve success despite the fact that I am a nystagmus patient (my eyes shake back and forth rapidly, and uncontrollably). The latest Visx Star S4 IR with CustomVue and Active Eye Tracking has some amazing capabilities. It is now possible to treat Nystagmus patients. I searched far and wide before I found a Doctor I felt comfortable with. Prior to surgery, my glasses could correct my vision to a point somewhere between 20/40 and 20/50. Just outside the DMV requirements for getting a Driver's License. At the one-day postoperative exam, I tested at 20/30 in one eye, and 20/40 in the other. I'm now 11 days post-LASIK and I couldn't be happier. My visual acuity has gradually improved, to the point I think both eyes are around the 20/30 range. For me, a nystagmus patient with optic nerve hypoplasia, this is the best I've ever seen in my LIFE! Even better than with RGP contact lenses (which I could not tolerate). my ONLY visual side-effect has been a haze or halo around bright light sources at night, but that is already starting to decrease. No pain or discomfort whatsoever, no starbursts, no double-vision, etc. Recovery has been a dream. I use my rewetting drops religiously, Refresh Plus during the day, and Refresh Celluvisc gel drops at night. I've also ...

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