March 26, 2010

Lasik Surgery / Operation or Refractive Errors….{A Complimentary from Rushabh Eye Hospital,India}

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Refractive Errors: How do we see the world? - In the Normal Eye, the lens is clear & transparent, -which focuses light on the retina -To produce sharp image & clear picture. Common Refractive Errors: Myopia- -Here the image is formed in front of retina as the eyeball is elongated -Myopes can see near objects clearly but not distant objects Hyperopia- -Here the image falls behind the retina as the eyeball is shorter than normal -near objects become difficult to see compared to distance Astigmatism- -here the cornea is oblong instead of Spherical -it is result of uneven curvatures of the cornea -resulting in blurring of image at any distance Treatment options available: -one can choose Spectacles -or can use contact lenses -most effective treatment choose by patients across the world is LASIK laser Vision Correction Lasik- Laser Vision Correction: -This is a procedure that improves vision by changing shape of the cornea with a laser - The actual Laser time is approximately 1 minute - There is almost no pain involved with lasik. -Better Vision for all occasions - Independence: freedom from glasses and contacts -Life simplification: No Glasses No Contacts

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