May 19, 2010 Estimated 600000 Lives Ruined by LASIK!

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April 25th, 2008: The FDA holds Emergency LASIK Panel Discussion addresses recent LASIK suicides...Showing Concern About LASIK being unpreditable...Google: FDA LASIK 2008, and read how the media has "RUN WITH" the facts that the FDA recognizes something is wrong with LASIK (now 10 years later) and has called this Emergency LASIK Panel Discussion to address hundreds out of the 10000 Hurt LASIK Patients. That means, 10000 visually handicapped patients flying airplanes, driving cars, driving buses taking your kids to school each day...Yes, it effects everybody and everybody's families!! LASIK was the most evil FDA approved medical procedure ever accepted into the corrupt FDA!! They are making millions at your expense...

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