June 09, 2010

Marc’s Lasek Surgery

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

I had a prescription of -5.00 in one eye and -5.75 in the other with slight astigmatism. I had been wearing glasses for 21 years and contacts for 18 years. I couldn't see anything or do anything without my contacts or glasses. I didn't feel anything or experience any pain during surgery. Surgery was very quick. Vision for the first few days was a bit blurry but by the about the 4th day everything starts to become clearer. During the first 4 days post-op I didn't experience any pain and there was hardly any period of being uncomfortable for me. It is now a little over a week and my vision is much better and continues to improve daily. I still can't believe I don't have contacts in and can SEE!!! I'll be able to Snowboard, go to the gym, and do all sorts of physical activity without the hassle of contacts.

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