July 27, 2010

My “Eye-Opening” Experience

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

PRK on my right eye (-4.00) :::THE OPERATION::: The metal clamp that held my eye open brought about some discomfort (can't imagine how it must feel like for Asians with even smaller eyes 0_0) but the procedure was pretty much pain-free. Visual clarity came within the last few seconds of the laser treatment; I was very estactic when I saw the blinking red blur (my given focal point for the entire duration of the operation) turn into a crisp red dot! Feels like my vision's been exhumed from the lowest, nastiest, blurriest pits of despair! It's odd how everything looks a little bigger now but I'm loving every enlarged second of it. :::RECOVERY::: Recovery was definitely ab!+ch I'm glad I had both eyes done on the same day, 'cause I wouldn't want to experience the discomfort again; but truth be told, 2-3 days of sporadic tearing & irritation is way better than risking the corneal flap complications that come with LASIK. :::AS OF NOW::: No more glasses and no more contact lenses! Thing is I'm experiencing a bit of corneal hazing =( sucks but I've been told that it will fade over time. Can't wait to live the rest of my life with perfect vision =) ---------------------------------------- Music in this video: Slow Me Down- Emmy Rossum Beautiful- Late Night Alumni

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