August 01, 2010

My Second Laser Eyes Surgery…

By Staff in Categories: Laser Eye Surgery Info

I got my first laser eye surgery about 14 months ago and now I came back for a retreatment. The needing of the retreatment depends of each person, this is not always required but in my case it was because of a residual myopia and a little of astigmatism. This procedure doesn't hurt at all, and is a bit different than the first time because in the first one, the surgeon make a flap cut and in the retreatment the flap doesn't need cut, so is just lifted with an especial instrument, then is repositioned after the laser has its job done. I highly recommend surgery, is painless and safe if you are attended by a professional ophtalmologist who makes the preliminary studies, necessary to determine whether you are candidate or not. PS. Not all people are available for a re-treatment, make sure of having your cornea studied by a professional and good luck!! =)

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