March 01, 2010

Things You Must Know About Laser Eye Surgery

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Nowadays, it is just not practicable to wear glasses every day. Many people do so, but many more decide to wear contact lenses every day, or part of every day. However, even contact lenses have their problems. One of the main problems is that you simply have to put them in every single day. Everyday, you have to wake up with your blurry eye and brush your teeth and put pieces of plastics in your eyes. If you are tired of doing this everyday, you are definitely not the only one.
Just imagine being able to wake up in the morning and not have to put on your glasses or your contacts in order to see well. This is something that many people have to cope with on a daily basis, particularly as we get older. Not only do you have to worry about using contacts or glasses each day, but you also have to worry about the recurring costs and about the risk of losing them. How about the trouble of having to get special equipment for things like underwater recreation? The good news is, laser eye surgery has changed all of this for you. It will actually let you to see the world without the use of glasses or contacts.
What Is Laser Eye Surgery?
Laser eye surgery is a procedure where lasers are used to fix the parts of your eyes that create bad eyesight. It is truly a way for you to realize how much you want to change about yourself. For a long time, the only types of surgeries that you could do were cosmetic surgery. Well, laser eye surgery lets you change not how you look to the rest of the world, but how you look at the rest of the world. This is a type of surgery that helps you actually correct a vision problem.
Keep in mind that this doesn't work for everyone, but for those for which it works, laser eye surgery have been able to actually repair people's eyesight.
How Does It Work?
Laser eye surgery employs the laser technology to correct the lenses in your eyes. As you get older, or for whatever reason, the lenses in your eyes have gone out of whack. It's for this reason that you have to use eyeglasses or contacts to do even the simplest things, such as watching TV or reading. By using lasers to correct the position of these lenses, you'll no longer need to use vision enhancers to see clearly again. You can just open your eyes and see with your own vision, as nature intended.
Is It For Me?
Check with your doctor or your eye doctor to make certain that your eyes are done changing, and also to make sure that getting this surgery will be useful to you. If it is something that is actually going to assist you in your life and alter your whole outlook as far as seeing goes, then it is something that you should think about. It could be away to help yourself get back on track health wise.
How Do I Find A Good Surgeon?
For your own safety, you will need to go through a checklist thoroughly and only when you are satisfied with the answers you may go ahead with the laser eye surgery.
The first thing you should look at is the experience of the surgeon. You will absolutely not want to have a new doctor performing your eye surgery. Ideally, he should have at least two years of experience. On the other hand, if the doctor has more than 10 years experience, it is not good news too. You should ensure that he is aware of the modern techniques. The laser technology is about a decade or so old, hence, you should make sure that your surgeon is abreast with the latest developments.
The next thing you should consider is the certification of the doctor. This is a very imperative factor about the surgeon you would select to carry out laser eye surgery. Take note that having an ABO or American Board of Ophthalmology certification does not mean that the doctor is also certified with laser eye surgery. This is why you should seek a surgeon who is rather certified by the ABYS or the American Board of Eye Surgeons since this is a certification that is peer-approved and hence, the best one can have for practicing laser eye.
Next, you will need to go through a few pre-surgery procedures and tests to make sure that you know what these are and for what reason they are carried out. Good planning, in terms of finances and mobility, would go a long way to minimize the inconvenience that such tests would be able to create.
Last but not least, you have to make sure that the surgical clinic has the right kind of equipment. You may also check to see the condition of this equipment and make sure that they are well maintained.

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