August 25, 2010

Victoria Eye Doctor target of Murder-for-hire plot

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SAANICH - In a Seattle courtroom this morning Dr. Joseph King stood just a few feet away from the man accused of plotting ot kill him. "My family and I are absolutely terrified that he'll be released on bail," said King to the Seattle judge. 51-year-old Dr. Michael Mockovak is accused of paying $10000 to an informant for the murder of Dr. King, his business partner and former brother-in-law. The pair founded Clearly Lasik Laser Surgery clinics in Saanich, Edmonton, Washington State and Oregon. This morning Mockovak pleaded not guilty to two counts of first degree solicitation to commit murder. He also had his bail lowered from $3 million to $2 million. Speaking briefly to reporters outside the courtroom, Dr. King said "as long as he's in jail, we feel safe, but if he's not, we do not. If he's out, we're very afraid." Prosecutors allege another intended victim was Brad Klock, a former hockey player from Port Alberni who had sued the company after being dismissed from his job as president. The dismissal came last year after the company's profits sank and the doctors fired several employees. Court papers say Mockovak asked a Russian-born employee if he had mafia connections because he wanted Klock to be "eliminated". Court documents also say he wanted King killed and wanted it to look like an accident, perhaps a drowning. FBI agents arrestsed Mockovak last week without incident, then searched his home while neighbours watched. Dr. King practices one day a week at his Saanich ...

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