September 05, 2010

Ziemer LDV. Advanced lamellar disection!

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

This is the first demonstration of the superior dissections provided by the very low energy, short focused, very high repetition Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser. The current head works at 260um and a 450um head is due the first week in November for testing. An update will be posted. With low energy we have minimal tissue disruption and inflammation very important to the future of inlays and segments where a foreign body is being placed into the eye. Amplified lasers like Intralase, Ziess and 20/10 leave tissue bridges, cause rough surfaces and inflammation. The future of lamellar dissection whether for lasik flaps or lamellar procedures clearly belongs to this technique! Examples of microstructure comparing rough surface from tissue bridges and smooth from "wave" dissection without tissue bridges confirm the superiority of high repetition, low energy, short focus femtosecond. The use of this laser in eye banking and deep lamellar procedures as well as simple lasik flaps outdates the previous generation of fs lasers using amplification and low repetition. Large cavitation bubbles, free radicals and tissue bridges are unacceptable byproducts of these devices. Credit is given to Holgar Lubatschowski whose vision to pursue total ablation at low energy has changed the future of intra-corneal dissection and brought the promise of these lasers to reality. These are the first published examples of the revolution this work has begun. The future is now only limited by the imagination ...

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