September 12, 2010

My Wife’s Lasek..

By Staff in Categories: LASIK

My wife has been thinking about getting laser eye surgery for a number of years now and finally last week she did it. She is someone who has vision bad enough that she is helpless without her glasses and therefore has never learned to swim etc. She has spent a while researching different surgeons and ended up choosing Dr. Emil Chynn at Park Avenue Laser Vision because a friend of ours had a Lasek procedure their that went very well, with no pain and great results. After talking to a number of friends about different possible procedures she chose Lasek because it seemed the most advanced and the least intrusive. Dr Chynn was also very reasonably priced for what we felt was an extremely skilled surgeon. Park Avenue Laser Vision 333 Park Ave. South NYC, NY 10010 (888)I-WANT-2020 (212) 741-8628 It is 3 days later and she is still amazed at the ease of the procedure and the lack of pain or discomfort, during and after the procedure. (I think the Valium helped). The moment the procedure was completed she could see around 20/50 and her eye sight has been getting better everyday. She was really happy with the staff and was glad that Dr. Chynn gave the follow up visits. There are strict rules about keeping your eyes closed and lubricated with drops and steroids, in order to ensure a successful Lasek, but it has given her a time to rest and she is so incredibly thrilled every time she peaks out from beneath her eyelids. And she can't ...

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